Manifest Marketplace announces the strategic venture of Stronghold 


Manifest Marketplace is the industry’s only contracting office built on federal acquisition principles. They have joined forces with Tridant, a leading cannabis platform service provider of next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning software. Manifest Free Marketplace is the cannabis & industrial hemp industries first supply chain, membership only, commercial e-marketplace.

“The one-stop-shop solution is a game-changer for the industry, said Terry Rosten CEO of Motagistics. Cannabis Business Opportunities capabilities are a perfect complement to the Motagistics 4S seed to sale platform. Together we aim to provide peace of mind for legitimate buyers, procurement and supply chain concepts, increased options, and real value for our customers.”

Boston Dickerson, CSO of Blue Sage Cannabis LLC  also added “The purpose in creating this service was threefold. First, reduce the time, cost, and unethical practices in purchasing goods and services. Second, ensure the true market price was obtained. Lastly, verify that sellers are qualified to sell to the commercial market. The collaboration is a natural fit. Stronghold continues to digitize and optimize supply chains while enabling Manifest Free Marketplace partners to seamlessly access direct sources and purchase operational products in a transparent environment in a healthy competitive environment. Together, with the Manifest Free Marketplace online marketplace, we are bringing our acquisition expertise and seed-to-sale technology to drive change and digital innovation for cannabis and industrial hemp businesses. “

Manifest Free Marketplace provides a streamlined, efficient purchasing portal for cannabis and industrial hemp companies, commercial business, governmental agencies, universities, and pharmaceutical entities to acquire the goods and services needed in this emerging and often scrutinized industry.

Additionally, the marketplace is designed to collect procurement-specific information which provides federal lawmakers with the transparent and accurate data required to see the socio-economic impact that the cannabis and industrial hemp industry has on the economy.

CannaBiz Direct is for any global and legally operating business. They are now accepting pre-registrations for potential supply chain partners during their soft launch beginning] October 1, 2021 

To register as a buyer or seller or to contact CannaBiz Direct for additional information please visit or email